Preparing children for the future

Personal Development is as much a part of the learning at ISTwente as academic subjects. Drawn from the IPC, the eight personal goals are:

  1. Resilience, children’s skill in sticking with a task and trying again when met with initial disappointment.
  2. Morality, children’s skill in knowing and respecting alternative moral standpoints, and explaining reasons for their actions
  3. Communication, children’s skill in making their meaning plain to a range of different audiences, and being able to use a variety of tools and technologies to aid their communication.
  4. Thoughtfulness, children’s skill of identifying their own strengths and weaknesses, and use a range of thinking skills to solve problems.
  5. Enquiry, children’s skill in asking searching questions, collecting reliable evidence, and drawing sustainable conclusions.
  6. Adaptability, children’s skill in coping with unfamiliar situations, and exploring new roles and strategies.
  7. Cooperation, children’s skill in adopting different roles depending on the needs of the group, and to work alongside others to achieve goals.
  8. Respect, children’s skill in knowing about the varying needs of other people, other living things, and their environment; and being able to act in accordance with those needs.

These eight goals are practiced daily, both in the classroom and on the playground. An IST learner well-versed in these skills is equipped for success.